26 June 2014

My foundation & BB cream collection.

One foundation is never enough, you never know how your skin will be acting when you wake up, and this has lead to me buying very different types of foundation. I've decided to show you guys what foundations I own, and a very small review of each. 

From left to right; L'oreal Eau De Teint, L'oreal True match, Makeup forever HD foundation, Mac Studio fix fluid, Makeup forever Mat Velvet+, Vichy Dermablend, Smashbox camera ready BB cream, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream.

L'oreal Eau De Teint - Shade 140 Pure Beige
I bought this foundation as I saw a lot of good reviews by American beauty bloggers when it wasn't available in the UK. The liquid to powder aspect this has is mainly why I wanted to try it, hoping it would keep me matte without extra powder needed, but I still need to use setting powder on top! However, I love the feel of this and the coverage is good.

L'oreal True Match -D4/W4 Golden Natural 
BEST. FOUNDATION. EVER. It's the one I use every day, and I literally use half a pump for my whole face. When I need a bit more coverage, I jump up to one pump, and I love how buildable and blendable this foundation is. I never thought I'd love a 'drugstore' foundation as much as I love this, and I definitely feel this is my holy grail. 

Makeup Forever HD foundation - N150 
It's about time Makeup Forever makes an entrance to the UK. I use this foundation mainly for evening events, weddings etc, as it photographs really well! I do feel I can find a better shade to match my skin, but this means a trip to a country which supplies Makeup Forever! 

Mac Studio Fix Fluid - Shade NW25
I used this foundation for years. It's the most amazing fountain for medium to full coverage, but nowadays, I don't need full coverage. However, I would still reach for this if my skin is having a bad day.

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + - Shade 55
I don't use this anymore. I used it mostly when I had acne, as it has full coverage and gives a matte finish. It's very thick and gives extremely full coverage, and I'm not about the full coverage lifestyle anymore. But still, a very good foundation! 

Vichy Dermablend in Shade 55 Bronze, Shade 45 Gold
Again, this is a full coverage foundation which is amazing if you have spots/acne. I don't know why I bought the bronze shade, as it's very dark for me, but this foundation has a lot of skin benefits too, it's oil free, has no parabens, which does not make your skin react to the foundation. 

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream - Shade Light/Medium
I love this. I use this mostly when I want a 'no make up make up look' and add a bit of blusher on top. It evens out my skin tone really well, but still looks really natural. I'm not too sure about the camera ready part, as I haven't tested it in many photos, but it's really easy to apply when you're in a rush. 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - Shade Medium
Hmmm. I only recently purchased this, so I want to do a full review in a separate blog post on this! 


  1. I love mac! Always wanted to try smashbox.
    I only have two foundations: one from MAC and one from YSL. Every other foundation I have tried really irritates my skin. I only discovered the MAC one (my first foundation) aged 19!


  2. I have tried many foundations and I love Dior, it's the perfect shade and has sunscreen as well.


  3. nice collection! such interesting post cause I don't use foundation :)


  4. Oh wow you have an amazing collection! I so want to try the MUFE foundation xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I LOVE the Maybelline BB cream! Of all the drug store BB creams that came out recently, that one is actually pretty amazing!

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  6. Nice review.


  7. Such a nice post,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella! <3

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