3 April 2014

March Faves.

I wanted to do this post at the end of March or the first day of April BUT my internet has been down and still is :(. 

So the Sun has come out (slightly), which means a change from my dark matte lips, to bright matte lips! When I first bought the Revlon matte Colourburst in 220 Showy, I wasn't so sure, but I'm digging this colour! The only other bright pink lipstick I own is Girl About Town by MAC and woah, that is bright. This is bright, but I can still wear it daily. 
My mum bought me 9 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks earlier in Winter too, and I hadn't tried any, because as it said, they're super lustrous and I wasn't feeling them. Now Spring is here, they're soooo glossy without the lip gloss feel (I hate sticky lipgloss) and 535 Rum Raisin is my fave so far! These are definitely a must have!  
Bioderma - Just had to add that in there. See my previous post on where to find this easily in London! It's so great and my face is loving it! 
Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack - I've been using this for a few weeks, I'm not sure if my dark circles or puffy eyes are any better, but the way my eyes feel after applying this.. So cool!! I feel so fresh under the eyes, like never before. 
And lastly, O.P.I nail polish in Dulce de Leche! This is the perfect nudey pinky colour for Spring! I love it! Does anyone else notice, with any shade of OPI, that after a few days, the colour looks completely different on your nails? Is it just me and the effects of laser eye surgery? 

Also, who loves the Frozen soundtrack? Am I too old to be singing it everyday? 

I must dash before my neighbour switches off his wifi.. shhhh. 


  1. Need to give that revlon matte balm a go, sounds so good!


  2. No - I'm 25 and I've been singing the Frozen soundtrack constantly, aloud and in my head lol,

    Shel x

  3. Lovely post. I really want Bioderma! Please check out my blog, I post fashion,beauty and lifestyle posts! It would mean so much to me!

  4. I need to find Bioderma in NZ unfortunately were so far away! haha! that Nail polish looks so pretty! I nominated you for "Very Inspiring Blogger Award!" Please check it out!

  5. I love the Revlon Colorbursts! They are amazing!



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