12 March 2019

Eyeko Mascara Range! Which one is best for you?

This contains a gifted ad! Eyeko were kind enough to send me their mascara range to try out and I'm here to guide you through them! It can be so daunting when a brand has so many different mascaras, but also a blessing as there's so many different types to choose from!

So let's get started:

Skinny Brush Mascara £19

Long & Tall - purchase here!

This mascara is great for people with short lashes as the long and thin brush catches even the smallest of lashes! The bristles are dispersed for that particular reason, so if you have small inner lashes that are never caught with any brush, this is your guy.

Rock out & Lash Out £19 

Purchase here!

If your mascara tends to smudge, crumble and flake, this is the mascara for you! The gel like formula prevents this, but is still easy to remove. The guitar shaped brush is great for curling and thickening your lashes!

Fat Brush Mascara £19 

If volume is your thing when it comes to lashes, this is the mascara for you. It's actually fab at providing the most voluminous lashes! 

Sport Waterproof Mascara £19 

Purchase here!

This IS SO SO SO GOOD for a waterproof mascara. It does as it says, is great for swimming and the best thing about it? It's not even that hard to take off with a make up wipe!

Black Magic £19 

A personal fave of mine. When I look for a mascara, I look for something that curls my lashes. This actually provides a near 90 degree angle to my lashes. This has become one of my fave mascaras out the bunch! 

Lash Alert £19 

Purchase here

I saved one of the most innovative ones to last! So this is actually a treatment and mascara in one! It contains fibres to lenghten your lashes, but also has beeswax, shea butter, carnauba wax, silica, castor oil, caffeine to stimulate your lashes. 

Caffeine works wonders on hair growth, and if you're looking for something to look after your natural lashes as well as provide your volume, this is the guy for you!

Lastly, can we appreciate the most innovative thing I have used in a LONG TIME.

Eye Boost Serum £40 - purchase here.

So, an eye serum, but also a massage tool in one. The serum comes out, and is massaged in to your under eye. It's the nicest feeling EVER. I honestly come home, take my make up off and instantly use this. It's SO relaxing. I've never purchased an eye serum that is built in to actually massage into your skin. I've been using for about 2 weeks now, and am majorly impressed. My under eye appears smoother, brighter and softer, and honestly if you're looking for a new under eye treatment, this is definitely worth a try

I hope this helped, let me know if you have any questions!

* this post contains affiliate links!

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  1. This mascara is what I need. I left mine at my friends place


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