14 February 2019

Hourglass Vanish Liquid Foundation - Amazing.

HELLO! I am such a HUGE fan of the Hourglass Seamless Foundation Stick, that when this came out I HAD to purchase it. I have a LOT of thoughts about this foundation, so let me just let you all know ha.

I've linked this foundation here, through the Space NK site (affiliate link)! Now let's start off by saying this foundation is MAD PRICEY. £51 for a damn foundation, it best be everything I need and more. But once the review is finished, I think you'll see why I actually think this foundation is pretty good value for money.

A bit more about the foundation - it's available in 32 shades - all ranging from fair to quite dark. Supposedly, they are the same shades in the Hourglass Vanish stick foundation, but when I asked the man at the counter, he said some shades vary slightly! If I'm honest, I've never found the right shade in stick form, but I really do love that foundation, I would just tend to make do with the shade I had. The man at the counter offered to help me shade match, and I must have had short term memory loss because as soon as I got home I remembered why I NEVER let anyone shade match me. I walked out with the shade Sand upon recommendations from 'man at counter' and urgh. It's TOO YELLOW. I wish that I had the guts to go back and ask for a different shade, but I don't. So I'm just going to make this one work for me ha. Nobody knows my skin except me, remember that in the future Mehshake.

So the foundation's biggest claim is that you do not need a primer with it. Further, it claims to be full coverage, diffused coverage where you can start with light coverage and build it up, luminous finish, and that you only need half a pump!

Let's go through these claims shall we?

No Primer - So I've tried it without primer, and I've tried it with primer. There's no difference. Hence, yes it works with no primer. It lasted the same amount of hours with primer than without, and also gave the same type of finish. Honestly, impressive stuff.

Full coverage - YES. Oh my god, I love a good full coverage foundation - especially since I am suffering with ridiculous hyperpigmentation and acne these days :( You can really build this up, which brings me onto the next claim - diffused coverage.

Diffused coverage - so the first day I wore this, I went in with a full damn pump. I put a whole pump on my face, and absolutely HATED it. First, I didn't like the colour. Second, I didn't like the finish. I was really upset - more because of the shade I had picked up. I gave it another go of course (as I spent a fortune) and started with the smallest amount on my brush. I realised that the smallest amount goes a REAL long way. With literally a touch of foundation, I could do about 1/4 of my face. The best way to use this foundation is by building it up where you need to. Start off with a really really light hand and dab it in (my preferred way is always with a brush), then - build up where you need to. For example, where I have more pigmentation, I used more foundation, instead of all over my face - and I got THE BEST finish.

Luminous finish - yeah I guess so! I tend to mattify my foundations with powders, as I'm pretty oily - but this did look pretty luminous!

Half a pump? I guess so. If I'm honest I probably used more to 3/4 of a pump! But that's because I have pigmentation I needed to cover. I ended up chucking 1/4 of a pump away each time I've used it which makes me sad as it's so expensive, but will next time remember to dispense less out of the bottle! I also think when my pigmentation gets better, I'll need less foundation.

This brings me onto my first point - I pretty much believe this foundation is very good value for money! If I'm only using 1/2 to 3/4 of a pump, this foundation is gonna last me a LONG time. One thing that is pretty sad is that it has less than the normal 1 fl. oz in it - but hey, only just.

I'm not one to base things on the aesthetic of things (who am I kidding - yes I am), but I am absolutely LOVIIIIING the packaging on this bottle. It's made out of glass, and it's a sort of triangular bottle - much like the vanish foundation stick, which was a super pleasant surprise as it's pretty unique. The glass bottle makes feel really luxurious and WORTH the money!

If I have the Hourglass foundation stick, do I need this? So here, I'm going to touch on the differences of the stick to the liquid foundation. My overall answer to this question is yes, yes you do. First of all, make sure you check the shade in the liquid form is still a good match for you compared to the stick form. I'd just double check it's still right for you - most likely it will be, but I'm just passing on the message from 'man at counter'.
The main difference that I found is that I wear the Vanish Foundation Stick on a daily basis. I wear it to work, and for a natural coverage. I love it for that. The liquid foundation is just an upgrade to that formula, and I'd wear for more 'glam' days. More evening/when I'm photoshooting for Insta kinda days. I think that's a major key to when you're choosing this foundation, and something you should really consider.
Day time: Stick.
Evening glam: Liquid

Got it?

I shall now leave with you a few looks I created with the foundation!

Both of these pictures have absolutely no filters on them, so you can see the foundation in its true form. What do you think of the shade I got? I really do think it runs too warm - but I've had mixed opinions on it!

I know this was super lengthy, but I hope it was informative! Thanks for reading loves! x

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