2 February 2019

Colourpop It's My Pleasure Palette - Huda Beauty Dupe?

Sooo, as soon as I saw this palette, I knew I would love it! I made a YouTube video talking about this palette here!

So, I'm super super in love with this purple palette as it's SO on trend right now. The formula is super impressive and I'm pretty sure that Colourpop have improved their formula in the last few palettes they have released!

This palette is $12, and comes with a mirror - it's in plastic packaging - not in cardboard - so it feels like really good quality for $12!

Here are the swatches! 4 shades in this palette actually come as single pans you can buy from the site. These are; Pretty Cruel, Earthshine, Mr Sandman & Sleeper! I did not own any of these shades before so that was good!

One comparison I noticed though was the Huda Beauty Amethyst Palette to this!

As you can see, they are VERY similar! The Huda palette is double the price at £25, whilst the Colourpop palette is $12! It is basically pretty annoying that I have an exact dupe to the Huda one, but the Colourpop is still a really good quality palette! I'd recommend both, lol!

Overall, I really like the vibe of this palette, and highly recommend it!

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