12 December 2018

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Collection Review! Green Lipstick?

Have you ever seen Green lipstick before? Well you have now! Lipstick Queen has this AMAZINGLY themed Frog Prince collection that I've always wanted to try & I thought I'd take you along on the journey. 

The lovely team over at Lipstick Queen kindly sent me the Frog Prince collection for me to try out! Here's what I've been testing out! 

For a limited time only, Lipstick Queen are including a free full size chess lipstick in the Queen with any purchase of a gift set - make sure you grab this ASAP! 

The inside packaging is just as amazing as the outside packaging! There's just something about the colour combo Bright Pink and Green! It's so aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

& when you open up the products, they're actually SO green. I did not expect all these products to be as green as they are. It really caught my attention - like HOW on earth am I meant to wear this?!

Frog Prince Lipstick

So ALL these lipsticks turn a pink colour depending on the pH of your skin. So this means, on everyone it'll look different. On me, it goes a really lovely bright pink (I'll upload an instagram post soon - keep an eye out!) and looks really glossy!

The main reason I really loved this product was for the hydration it gives from having Shea Butter and vitamin E in the ingredients!

The tint this lipstick gives lasts all day, and is SUPER flattering! It's so easy to apply, and plumps your lips so nicely. It's a great everyday item, to keep in your bag for work!

Frog Prince Lipgloss 

A GREAT product to pair with the lipstick, to take the lipstick to another level. The best thing about this lipgloss? The GREEN glitter. It's so unique to anything I currently own, and what I loved most is that although there is actual green glitter in it, it's still super wearable!

What's the biggest annoyance about lip gloss? The stickiness! Nope, this formula is not sticky whatsoever, so isn't an absolute nuisance to wear!

The Frog Prince Lipgloss works to plumps your lips too, if that ain't a great addition, I don't know whaaat is.

Frog Prince Cream Blush

I am SO into cream blushers at this moment in time - and this does not disappoint. I am obsessed with the idea that it looks different on everyone, turning into your perfect shade before your very eyes. Some may even call this stuff sorcery!

I love that this blusher is buildable, dependent on the type of look you want to go for. If you just want a light flush of colour on your cheeks, it's super easy to do with this product, but if you want a super glam blushed up look, you can also create that!

The best way to apply this product would definitely be with your fingers, that way you can control exactly where you want the blush to sit, and exactly how much blush you want!

Overall, I'm really happy with the uniqueness and quality of these products. Along with the packaging, the Frog Prince collection is definitely worth a go! I'd love to see the shade it turns out on you!

P.s. look out for my Instagram post showing what the products look like!! Also, follow Lipstick Queen's fab Instagram account here @lipstickqueen.

* this post contains a paid for advertorial by Lipstick Queen.

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