26 December 2018

Huda Beauty Melted Shadow Review & Swatches!

Hi! So I broke my 26 day no buy to try out the new Huda Beauty Melted Shadows!
I did a first impressions in the form of a YouTube Video here, so come say hi!

I picked up two shades! I've linked them here! They're £22 each!

The gold one is named Bamboo Basket/Faux Fur & the pink one is Silk Bomber/Bubblegum!

Here are them swatched. The matte on the pink shade was actually SO mind blowing, reminded me of a really pigmented liquid lipstick!

I was really impressed with how the mattes blended out! They're a really interesting formula to try, but surprisingly easier than I anticipated. You can blend and build as much as you like, without it going wrong! The Matte cream shade is perfect as a base shade, so I can see myself using this before many make up looks, as a staple from now on! The pink/purple matte was SUPER pigmented.

The metallics - WOW. The gold shade was definitely my fave. It looks SUPER nice and is perfect for a glam look!
The pink is so nice, but even nicer when placed over the matte purple shade! I showed that in my video!

Overall, I'd highly recommend this shade for beginners as well as people who love to experiment with eye looks! They're easier than I thought they'd be, and I'm SO excited to buy more shades now!

Let me know if you would try these!

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