14 December 2018

Fashion Trends I'm Taking Into 2019!

Hi! I haven't done an outfit/fashion blog post since 2017. In fact, I'm going to link it here. When I first started this blog, most my engagement was on my fashion blogs, but then Instagram took over, and I link all my outfits via InstaStories (so follow me here!), but I really do miss making Lookbook style posts! If this was something you enjoyed, do let me know & I'll try make them once in a while!

This whole month is the month of reflection for me, so I've been sitting here thinking about what fashion trends I've been LOVING in 2018, that I want to take into 2019. I've compiled a few & where I use my own outfits, I'll link the item if it's still available (or something similar!).

So here's a few fashion trends I'll be taking into 2019!

1) Snake Print

I'm so not over looking like Taylor Swift's reputation. I first wasn't too keen on the trend, but as the months roll by, I'm getting more & more into the snake print trend. I'm looking for the perfect snake print culottes for summer, definitely!

2) Lilac Clothing

I've not even started on lilac clothing yet. Stole this from my friend Matt, who's probably the most fashionable person I know, so since I told him I'm into lilac, and he told me it's the colour for 2019, it IS the colour for 2019. lol. 

Jumper - Shein 

3) Statement Earrings

Same pic, diff pose. Let's not leave Pat Butcher in 2018 pls. I'm obsessed with how statement earrings can completely change your look and how there's SO many different styles out there lately.

4) Blazers

I love how blazers can just glam up a look real fast. I used to wear blazers SO much a few years ago, but stopped, and SO happy I've found them again!

5) Silky Shirts

In fact, I have about 3 more silky shirts I've purchased since this one. Another easy way to really glam a look up, forget regular shirts.. just go for the silky ones instead!

6) Chunky Knits

At least for the first few months of the year, I'll be living in big patterned chunky knits & I'm excited for it!

Jumper - Missguided
7) Chunky Trainers

And lastly, I don't see this trend going anywhere! Blame Balenciaga for the Triple S trainers, but there's so many affordable dupes out there now.
My faves are these from Topshop that have now been released in SO many different colours. For £39 I got so much wear out of them, and know they'll continue into 2019!

I hope that was an interesting read, and do let me know if I should do more outfit related posts! What fashion trend are you going to take into 2019? 

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