14 November 2018

ABH Sultry Palette Review.

So as you can see, I'm a little behind in purchasing the ABH Sultry palette. I was always going to buy it, mainly to fulfil my collection of ABH shadows (huge fan of all of Anastasia's palette), but I was SO behind on reviewing some other make up items, I just didn't feel the need to.

At first, I loved the packaging and the shadows! I started to look at it more and just thought, I didn't really need it! But I was pretty wrong about that.

I finally picked it up through Cult Beauty! I'm a huge fan of the change in packaging! As much as I love the velvet packaging, it was so refreshing to see different packaging from ABH. I'd love to see more glittery packaging with different colours in the future, but also hope it's not the complete end of the velvet packaging!

The shades all run mostly cool toned, and I'm a real warm toned girl. But I was suprised at how wearable all these shades were!

I absolutely love the incorporation of the Bloom shade, to give this palette more colour!

I'd describe this palette as the most perfect, neutral, everyday palette I've seen in a while. All the shades can be worn during the day, but also can be glammed up a lot more. I'd also consider this palette if you don't have many cool toned palettes in your collection, but would really like to try one!

With all the shades, you can make the most perfect gold smokey eye from this palette!

The formula's? All as consistent as all the other palettes. The mattes blend out perfectly, whilst the shimmers are buttery and soft and glide on perfectly.

I absolutely love the shades Rose Quartz and Slate. Slate is such a cool toned shade, and I don't have a similar shade in another palette!

If you're looking for an everyday neutral palette, that you'll get a LOT of use out of, here's your guy! The sultry palette.

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