23 March 2018

Unpopular Opinion on the Amrezy x ABH Highlighter

After the hype around this product, it would have been rude of me not to try it out.

I was really hoping to love it, and I was pretty intrigued about the formula, the compact, everything about it. So I purchased!

I've seen many reviews about this product, all from pretty big accounts, and you can't deny it looks super pretty, so makes for a great piece if you're a make up collector.

Here's my opinion..

Firstly, this product is $25 in the USA, but it's £29 on every website, including the ABH UK site. I purchased from Beauty Bay here. It's pretty expensive for a single shade. :( But I get that it's limited edition!

Let me show you some swatches:

The top swatch is with a finger, then the one below is with a fan brush. Yes, it's very natural.. but in a highlight, that's not what I'm looking for. I noticed if I build it up, it doesn't look natural.. but it looks like you applied too much highlight. I prefer fine glitter particles in my highlight, but this isn't. As you can see, with a fan brush it goes on obviously a lot lighter.

& don't get me wrong. I've tried this for around a week with so many different brushes, and each time.. it didn't give me the finish I wanted.

When I tried to take a photograph, it was really hard for me to get it to show lol. Here's one really bad image I managed to take:

It doesn't give me the look I want in highlighter, but I know that some people will definitely like this! If you want to see my go to highlighter, click here.

One thing I was really intrigued about, was the formula. 0 fall out? Unlike other highlighters that I own from ABH, I was really excited about this, as I know ABH highlighters can have a lot of fall out! I liked the aspect of the 0 fall out, but not the finish it gives lol. However, this 0 fall out makes the formula harder, so less prone to damage, which might be better than a Becca highlight which will probably break within 0.5 seconds of you purchasing it ha.

I also feel this colour would look brighter on people lighter than me, so maybe this isn't universal for all skin tones.

My last issue - I literally feel it has no staying power. I've never had to touch up my highlighter throughout the day - but yes.. this one.. you do!

In conclusion, this highlighter isn't for me. The price, staying power, the lack of glitter (and lack of colourful glitter) just doesn't do it for me. I definitely think there are cheaper highlighters that are better than this!

I still love ABH though, and can't wait for their next collection!

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