4 March 2018

February Favourites.

So, I don't usually do favourites, but I feel like I've been using a lot of new products that I've been absolutely lovinnnnggg. So, I thought I'd share some with you!

Um, Colourpop is rapidly becoming my favourite make up brand. Ordering it to the UK and having to wait sometimes over a month is breaking my heart. One of my fave products from the first order I've made is this Supershock highlighter in 'Over the Moon'.

Yes it looks so scary for a highlighter - it's pink! The formula is amazing, it's 'wet' but when you apply it, it isn't like a cream, it applies dry. Basically, this formula is weirdly wonderful. It allows you to have total control on the amount you apply (so you can go from a few specs of pink glitter to an absolute pink glitter ball dependent on your mood), and this colour is SUCH unicorn vibes. I can't.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer - The smallest pot ever. But wow, if you're looking for a very full coverage concealer, this is amazing. I may write about this in my Concealer Diaries Series, to show you pictures on how it works. I actually feel like this would make an amazing foundation. Also, a little of this product does go a long way! I've probably used it about 5-8 times, and that's how much product I've used! Nothing!

Becca Soft Lighting Blur Powder  - So this product, does exactly that. It blurs your skin, giving it a soft appearance, sets your foundation AMAZINGLY, and also brightens your face. This shade is  Golden Hour, and I have used it every single day since getting it! Another fave that I use along with this is the Charlotte Tilbury powder, that one I use during the day, and I use this to set my make up! I highly recommend. 

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara - Worth the hype? Hell yes. Never have I ever worn a mascara to work and been asked if I'm wearing fake lashes. I wasn't. I was wearing this. Now that's a good sign for a mascara!

One thing I would say about this product is you have to perfect your technique! Because it's so wet at the beginning, you can easily get your eyelashes clumped up, but after a while, you get used to using it, and this mascara is fabulous. 

This palette is like nothing I've seen before. It's called the Laura Mercier L'armour Exotique face palette, and unfortunately, I think it's discontinued. BUT I think you can buy some of  the colours individually, I'll link that here.

Now, you know the first highlighter I spoke about - this palette is not like that. This is such a subtle, natural glow, and that's what my make up collection was missing. As much as I love gliterry, extremely glowy highlights, this is also amazing. I've had people ask me what this highlight was too!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette - I don't know why this palette was slept on. Honestly, I picked this up when it was discounted, and I thought about it for SUCH a long time before buying it. I can't believe that I didn't buy this earlier. 

This palette, looks really overwhelming. And it's all that bright yellow's fault. I was amazed at how many natural/day time looks I could create with this palette. The shadows are sooooo unique, and you can make SO many looks with this palette. I'm in love. 

I liked writing this.. maybe I'll do it again.. someday. 

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