11 January 2018

Colourpop to the UK!

Colourpop just looks so magical. So obviously, I went ahead and ordered some. Now that I've been playing around with my purchases, I wanted to let you guys know whether ordering Colourpop from LA, was worth it.

I'll start with what I got.

 Everyone has probably seen these. There are the supershock shadows, which I was really interested in trying. They're eyeshadows, that I actually thought were cream shadows? They're not lols. They're dry but have a really interesting feel to them. I got the nuts & berries trio, which was $15 (they're currently at $10 on the site).

The nuts & berries trio include 2 glitters and one 'satin' (very much matte) colour; here from right to left the are called Cheap date, Amaze & Paradox.

I really really like these. The glitters are sooooo glittery, and look really nice on the eye. I wasn't wow'ed by the satin shade, but I still like it. You could easily just use one of these shadows alone, with nothing else, and it could look really glam. They are great for beginners & day make up.

I wish I picked up more of these. :(

This is the super shock highlighter in the colour Over The Moon.. for $8. Soooooo cheap.

It's really hard to photograph (as you can tell by poor quality picture and presence of hand) but it has pink & blue glitter, which as you would know if you read my favourite highlighter post, this is something that I am obsessed with. It's not the same as the Topshop highlighter, but it's very similar to the look I'm going for. It's amazing.

This shade isn't for everyone, but it's most definitely for me. However, they have so many shades, so I would definitely recommend this highlighter for the price. It's such a lovely formula, and stays on really well.

Again, wish I picked up more shades.

I also purchased two ultra matte lip colours in Love Bug, and Fragile Things. I already had some colourpop matte lipsticks (thanks Aya), so I knew I would like these.

Love Bug looks really orange here, but it's basically a brown with orange undertones, and Fragile things is literally the nicest purple I have used this Winter.

I can't believe these lipsticks are $6.50. They're such good value for money.

Ok so at the time I got these palettes, Colourpop had an offer where all palettes were HALF PRICE. HALF PRICE. For an affordable brand, they reeeealllyy don't need offers, but they do them anyway.

The palette on the right is the All I see is Magic, which was a Holiday palette, and I got it for $14. Yes, $14. That's like my lunch money on a daily basis. It's so good. The colours are very unique, and unlike anything I own and they are also really good quality.

Golden states of mind palette was $13. It's still on the site for $26! It's an all shimmer palette and I absolutely love it. I wanted something to compliment my all matte palette by The Balm, which is slowly going to waste, so I really like having an all shimmer palette. There are some glitters in here that are really unique, and it's very very versatile when used alongside some basic mattes we all have.

Photo taken from ColourPop site
& in true Mehshake fashion, I obviously forgot something. I purchased this No Filter Concealer for $6. In medium tan 35. I was sooooo scared to order a concealer because you always know how that goes in terms of shade matching.

Yep, it's too dark! But I can mix it with another concealer that is lighter (as I normally use multiple concealers at once) to make it work. I really like the formula. A lot of people say this is similar to Tarte Shape Tape. I would say it's not exactly the absolute same, but it is up there with Tarte Shape Tape!

Oh and did I mention it comes in like 15 shades and the packaging it comes in is so so cute.

Now let's talk about the process of Colourpop getting to the UK:

They have free shipping over $50. Which is greeeat. Because who wants to pay extra for postage and packaging when you know you're gonna get hit by a customs fee. I got hit hard. £18!!!!! It's normally like £6 so I was so annoyed. It really annoyed me as I was so happy I got so many items for such a good price, and then it all ended up getting really expensive :(

The delivery itself took about 3 weeks, that I had actually forgotten I had placed an order lol. But would I order again?


But here are my tips when ordering online from the Colourpop website :
- Research what you want completely. Watch YouTube videos, swatch videos, everything you can on every product, because everyone hates waiting so long for something, and then it being a total waste of time.
- Compile a list over a few months of things you want, and order everything at the same time. So for example, as I'm absolutely convinced that this brand is worth it, I'll purchase everything I want once every 6 months, to save on shipping and hopefully customs (although I'm not entirely sure how customs work).
- Wait for a good deal! I am absolutely amazed at how good Colourpop are with deals. If only Sephora, Beauty Bay, etc would do the same kind of thing. Wait for one that's worth it - like the 50% off ALL palettes. They always have a price reduction basically.
- Go to America. Jk. Well, if you know anyone who is going to America, order stuff to where they're staying & force them to bring it back. LOL. I am totally doing this.

I hope this helped. :) I had soooo many messages about my purchases when I uploaded a story, so let me know if you have any more questions. Oh also, Happy New Year! Let's hope 2018 is the year where Colourpop makes their brand more accessible in the UK.


  1. I read somewhere that the best way to avoid customs charges is to order no more than $15 worth of goods at a time. If you plan on spending, say £60, break it down into four lots of $15 (15 x 4 = 60). It may be something to do with the weight of the packages, idk, but it's worth trying to avoid paying those eye-watering customs fees.

    1. My love! This was so so so helpful. Thank you so much, I'm about to do another colourpop order as we speak. <3


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