3 November 2017

Should You Buy This Brush Cleaner?

So, I have come to a point in my life where I am reviewing a brush cleaner.. Yes, a brush cleaner. LOL. Many of you will tell me to get a life, but some of you may actually find this useful.

I've seen a number of ads on Instagram for this brush cleaner, which claims to clean AND dry your brushes in seconds. As many of you who have followed me for a few months, it is my hobby to find a quicker & easier way to clean brushes, so when this turned up on my feed one day, I was like omg dead.

I took to eBay straight away to find one - as the one I saw on the sponsored post was in America & $50 and nobody has time to waste $50 & going through customs when you can just get a cheap knock off.

So the one I purchased on eBay was £12. Proper good 'init'..

Until I opened the box and saw these parts ^. I felt like I was doing DIY. Literally felt like I was a builder.

These instructions also did not help. It took me fricking 25 minutes to understand wth I was meant to do.

BUYING A PROPER £12 CHEAP KNOCK OFF DID NOT PAY OFF. THE LITTLE THING DID NOT FIT INTO THE LITTLE HOLE. - I can't be bothered to go into detail about this, but basically, one of the parts didn't work, and it wouldn't stay on/work. If you want to know what I'm talking about I have a video so message me and I'll send it to you for lols.

.. Let's fast forward a few days.. I managed to get hold of someone good at DIY (my father) & superglue, and he fixed it for me. So now we have overcome the fact that the parts were faulty and we have a fully working machine. Is this any good?

So these interesting features are silicone holders, you place your brush into the one that fits. I'm actually well impressed with the fact that they gave me so many different sizes, because if I owned this machine I'd sell these parts as add ons depending on what size brushes you use and make money out of people lol.

 I tried to find a brush of mine that wouldn't fit, and nope -there was a size for all my brushes, so thoroughly impressed.

You put water & cleaner into this bowl and spin it in there for 30 seconds and then lift it above the water and dry it.

This was the state of my brushes before hand, and I want to tell you that I'm a great blogger and took an after picture, but I simply didn't. But here's my review: 

- This machine works amaaaazingly on eye brushes/any small brush. It really does work. It cleans and dries within a minute or so. 
- Foundation/huge brushes are not good. First, they're somewhat too heavy for the machine so they don't spin as fast and secondly, they end up falling off the holder lol. 
- The method I've seen is to place your cleanser in the water and spin. This does not work. I found putting the cleanser onto the brush itself then actually spinning it in the water works greeeat! 
- By the time it gets me to set up this machine, I can clean all my brushes by hand -_-

In conclusion, would I buy again? 
No. It's too much hassle, it needs batteries, it's not great at big brushes, and if you buy it from eBay, it most likely will not work. 
However, I will still use it until the superglue part breaks again. 

Buy a similar brush link here.

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