8 October 2017

Petersham Nurseries

If you’re in Richmond and feel like like having an adventure, I’d encourage you to take a chance and wander the path that leads away from the idyllic river bank.  

The walk will take you off road, through open fields, rusty gates and tree covered pathways. Along the way you’ll come across lovely violinists, hidden places to eat and farm animals. 

At the end your brisk autumnal walk you’ll reach Petersham Nursery, a secret jungle bursting with nature, fragrant flowers and sunlit greenhouses. A magical place to dine, sip tea and shop interior design.

Here are some pictures of Petersham.

They have two places to eat; a restaurant where you are seated and a cafe where you can order coffee, cakes, soups and nibbles.

We had a chocolate cake, mozarella, a  cappucino & a turmeric latte (which wasn't drunk),
The cafe is perfect for snacks and is reasonably priced.

They've also opened a branch of Petersham Nurseries in the heart of London - Covent Garden!

It's super pretty. 

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