3 October 2017


I own way too much glitter. Cheap glitter, expensive glitter, thin glitter, thick glitter. So I thought I'd share my collection & experiences. Most of these are just individual glitters, not glitters that are included in palettes, as that wouldn't even be possible with my collection..

Please also note that glitters are extremely difficult to photograph so do not expect great stuff here. 

I categorised my glitters, on the basis of thickness. 

We will start with: 

Swatchable, thin glitters. 

I loveeeeeeeee topshop glitters. The type of glitter topshop use in their highlight (see previous post) and shadows are amazing.

From left to right these are; U-TURN, shuffle the cards & Pyramid.

And again, from left to right, pyramid, shuffle the cards and U-TURN.
I noticed that shuffle the cards is the exact dupe for Huda Beauty 'celestial' in here Desert Dusk palette. It's a duochrome shade - it works really nicely on top of shadows.
Pyramid is the loveliest pure gold shade - it looks amazing on it's own and gives a really nice 'wet' look that's really in at the moment!
U-turn- not a fan - when I purchased I thought the glitter was so amazing I had to buy. But, as it's green glitter.. it's not very practical. I wore it once and hated myself the whole day. Unless you're a lover of green glitter, stay away.
These are really inexpensive, and definitely worth purchasing a few! I've noticed come out with new shades in their individual glitter shadows really frequently, and they always seem to get prettier.

So, I purchased these years ago! I feel the Barry M dazzle dusts are much better now! These shades are:
Pink: Number 3
White: Number 15
Purple: Number 51

 I only swatched the white, which is the one I usually use, if I use any. The white disappears to leave a really nice thin gold. Again, gives a really nice 'wet' look.

This is the only one I've added from a palette, because it is actually my favourite glitter. It's the Dolce Vita palette by Charlotte Tilbury. 

 As this is a poor image, I'll try find an image of me wearing it..

 The next catergory of glitters are chunky glitters. All of these, I use with Beauty Bakerie glitter glue, or the Barry M glitter glue. I once tried eyelash glue, and it just doesn't work.

This is the one people stay away from and think I'm crazy for purchasing, however I love them.

(At this point, as you can see.. the glitter swatching gets everywhere)

This is the Violet Voss 'Super Sparkles' glitter in Taylor glitter.

TBH, I only purchased this colour as I'm a huge fan girl of Taylor Swift, however this colour is really nice. It's like a bronze glitter, with multicoloured sparkles.

This is the Beauty Bakerie 'sprinkles' glitter in 'White'. This looks really really basic, however, it it a really nice gold! It's one of my favourites. The white actually disappears to nothing, and it leaves specs of glitter, but it's not too chunky.

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The mess is killing me as much as it's killing you.

These two glitters by LA splash are also my favvvveee. They are the crystallised glitter in 'Mai Tai' and 'Long Island'.

They are probably the chunkiest out of all of the glitters I own, so are strictly for real real glam.

The certifeye glitters on the bottom left of this image are the last chunky glitters I own. They are also super super cute, and inexpensive :)

My fave is the one at the top (I don't know the names, sorry!), it's like a purple glitter with multicoloured sparkles. I have a picture of this!

So das my glitter.

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