12 October 2016

How water changed my life.


You know when you have bad skin, and people are like.. 'drink water', and you just ignore them? Yeah, me! Until 4 weeks ago. 

So, I broke out, mainly because of summer, and oil and my oily + acne prone skin. And I just thought, ok, let me drink water. Before, I probably used to drink 1-2 small cups a day whenever I felt thirsty. 

I decided to attempt to drink 2 litres a day, which I think is what is recommended. Something that helped was my super cool, awesome hydrate m8 bottle. I will insert a very bad image of it here: 

Hydrate m8, £18.49
This has slowly become my best friend. For the past 4 weeks, I have not left the house without it. It is the ONLY way I managed to drink 2 litres a day. It has time markings on the bottle, so you drink a bit an hour (I couldn't take a picture to show the time markings properly, sorry!) From someone who doesn't drink any water at all, it's still hard.. but I'm used to it. And the benefits are insane! But be warned, you need to locate the nearest bathroom to you at all times.. major pee problems.

I am really going to hate the day I forget this at home, but so far, so good. I highly recommend them. I am a major coffee fiend and I do not ever wish not to be, so I still drink coffee, and fizzy drinks & whatnot, so the only thing I've changed is my intake in water. So I'll now explain to you what I have noticed in the past 4 weeks. 

Week 1 - I got sick. Real sick, by day 2. I got the worst cold of life, along with blocked ears and a lost voice & whatnot. I call this bad timing. But I carried on - not much was noticed by week 1. 

I only noticed a difference in the past week (so the fourth week). 

- MY DARK CIRCLES ARE NON EXISTENT. I literally woke up this morning, and I thought i had make up under my eyes. I didn't have major dark circles before but I can definitely notice a difference! 
- Overall skin - it's so smooth!! I don't have any active acne, just a few marks, & I'm praying it's not just a good month and it's actually my water intake. I wish I took a bare faced picture before & now but unfortunately, I didn't. 
- I'm not as tired anymore. I have 6-7 hours of sleep and I've noticed my tendency to nap throughout the day has decreased. 
- My headaches have fundamentally decreased. I usually used to get mild to moderate headaches by the end of a day due to tiredness & working too hard (lol). But this hardly ever happens anymore. 
- I don't get as hungry anymore. I noticed I haven't been extremely 'hungry' unless I actually don't eat..
- I pee about 15 times a day. 

Seriously everyone, drink the recommended daily allowance of water. 

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