13 October 2016

DIY rainbow highlighter & review

So one day, I got bored. Extremely bored. I was browsing my instagram news feed and came across a page who made a DIY rainbow highlighter (I don't remember the page.. oops). My maryloumanizer by The Balm had broken many moons ago (because I loved it so much, I already had a back up), and I thought I could use that to make this. Heads up, I would never ever break a highlighter to make this.

I know a few brands actually sell this highlighter, and apparently one brand actually have been sold out for ages.. so this DIY rainbow thing is pretty popular.

This is how my highlighter looked before I began ANYTHING.

So you can see why I didn't mind smashing it up lol. I would also like to point out that I did not want to purchase anything for this, so used products I found at home. The instagram post I saw used Isopropylgsjdfsd (an alcohol I clearly can't write) to turn it gooey but a) where do you even buy stuff like that? b) who even has time for that? (Me clearly because I had time for this). 

So I smashed it further, into this. 

I then divided the highlighter into 6 shot glasses. 

I actually reach for this Barry M glitter dust a lot on a daily basis. The shade has robbed off from the bottom of the pot, so yeah.. it's the white one. Sometimes, when I apply a matte eye, I miss glitter, and chuck this on. I put some of this into each shot glass. 

I then found this baby. It's the ELF 100 eyeshadow palette or something, that I purchased years ago. As you can tell, I hardly reach for it.. one of them purchase you just purchase for the sake of purchasing. I proceeded to choose to smash this up. 

It's annoying me as much as it's annoying you that this picture won't rotate.
I chose two colours for one colour, so two red shades, two orange, two yellow, two green, two blue, and two purple. Smashing these colours up were madly therapeutic.

I mixed until it became something like this. 

Now is the time to warn you that I made an extreme mess.

Looks cute, I know. 

So, I needed to find something that would make it all liquid-ey. Ignore the hydraluron, I actually didn't end up using that. I used the NYX born to glow liquid illuminator + this RMK make up base (which was from a Birchbox). The RMK make up base is like a creamy primer, and I just went for it as I don't really use it. The NYX liquid illuminator was just to give the highlighter more glow, because you know, fun. 

So then I laid out the now creamy highlighty colours in my mary loumanizer empty pan, like so. It was really hard not to mix up all the colours, and some purple got mixed with the blue and green. I found my mixture really watery, so I had to use a paper towel to get rid of the water that was basically pouring out the pan. For 24 hours, I left it to dry in my room, and then I was like duh why would I not put it in the fridge?! 

Don't ask me why I have headphones on. 
This is the end result, yay! Could have been better, could have been worse.. but don't really care.


I would never go out like this. LOL. Unless, I mixed it all together and wore it. Like swirled it and then applied. I did try that and it looked pretty good. I applied this with an eyeshadow brush, to give the rainbow effect on the face. 
It's fun, although messy and whenever I look at it I'm pretty proud at my creation. 
The green is really prominent, the rest of the colours aren't very pigmented, but that might be the elf eyeshadow I used. 

In conclusion, do this because it's fun & something to do when none of your friends want to go out.. but don't do it for actual highlighting purposes. Good day. 

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  1. You don't even need rainbow highlighter to become your unicorn spirit animal


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