8 August 2014

Summer Haul!

Heeey. Thought I'd do a small haul of the stuff I've bought recently.

 I finally gave in and decided to purchase the Glamglow Youthmud face mask! It was £40 in Fenwicks, whereas every other place sells it for £50, so the £10 off sort of got me. 
I have always wanted to try the Nip + Fab range, so started with the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask. Sounds weird, so I bought it. 

 When I bought the They're real push up liner, I was forced by the Benefit sales lady, to buy two items, so I got a free sample. I decided on the Rockateur blush, meh. So I got the Dream Screen as a sample. Exciting. 

 And again, the sales people got me. I love Naked 3, I have been using it all summer, so I decided to broaden my horizons, and purchase Naked 1 & 2 also. Urban decay had a promotion where if I buy more than 1 palette, I would get 10% off both palettes, great. 

Lastly, I bought two items from Sleek; the corrector & concealer palette, and the 'oh so special' palette. Which weren't on any type of promotion. I liked the oh so special palette the most out of all the sleek palettes they do, they seemed to have the colours I like to wear. 

p.s. writing this has shown me that I need to stop getting sucked into buying things when there's an offer. I have a problem, lol. 


  1. Amazing blog!


  2. amazing post<3
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  3. I need to push myself to spend a little money on the naked palettes they are so great!


  4. Great buys, can't wait 'till you try them ; )


  5. I love UD palettes!



  6. Lovely haul! I'm the same when with beauty products when there's an offer, it's such a bad habit!

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