30 June 2014

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Review

This BB cream caught my eye. If I can get away with it, I would rather not wear foundation on hot days, so I'm always in search for a great BB cream. 

I bought this in shade medium, it claims to; 
1. Create a natural glow
2. Compliment skin tone
3. SPF30 UV protection
4. Hydrate all day
5. Blur imperfection 
6. Be oil -free, non greasy 
7. Look visibly smooth
8. Feel fresh

I was first drawn to the pure dream BB cream, as it is for oily skin, however they only have shades light and medium, and the medium was way too light. 

Dream Fresh BB comes in 4 shades; light, medium, dark and universal glow. I still think I bought the wrong shade. It looks like my colour when you squeeze it out of the bottle, but when you blend it out, it becomes lighter! However, I still gave it a go, with some bronzer on top. 
I do feel like this gives a nice glow for summer, and has very light coverage (which I love). It does feel fresh on your skin, however this oxidises throughout the day. I did not feel as it blurs imperfections, but I wouldn't expect it to being a BB cream. My skin did feel hydrated, but not oily, which is great. :( It's main disadvantage is the colour selection. This was only £6.99, so if one of the 4 shades matches your skin, I would definitely recommend this for summery days! 


  1. I had one BB cream and it was too dark for my skin and now I kind of gave up on them but in the summer it is good to have something like this so I think I will check it out. Wish to visit my blog.


  2. 'Universal glow' is great, because it's really universal, meaning that it fits nearly everybody I'd say! It seems veeeery orange out of the tube but blends out evenly and results in a slightly tanned and glowing look (even if you're a bit on the pale side like me)!

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